A R T W O R K   B Y   T E R E S A   D E   J E S U S   M O L I N O S to ed 
Teresa is a dear friend, a sister in spirit brought to us by our shared love for horses and art. Born in Caracas,Venezuela, Teresa is currently living in a cabin here in the Adirondack Mountains painting, and enjoying her time spent with her daughter, Teresita, their two horses, Bamboo and Palomino, and a wonderful array of wildlife.  She makes frequent trips to both: Venezuela where she is a national champion of Coleo and where she visits family; and Miami, Florida where she was instrumental in the grounds design and currently works as an animal trainer at La Ventana De Los Cielos, a therapeutic foundation that brings joy to people with disabilities of all ages. Whether Teresa's art takes form on canvas, wood gilt in shimmering gold, muraled walls, or on a pair of jeans; her creations reflect her zest for life, a rich religious heritage, and her respectful passion for all animals.  Join us for a glimpse into her life and art.....                                                                         
mixed media on canvas          Adirondack Caballo                            30" x 40"                                      
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Wearable creations by Teresa:
Teresa's fashions are being worn by patrons in Manhattan, Miami, South Beach, and Caracas, Venezuela.  If you would like your favorite jeans,   khakis, jean jacket, or cotton shirt or slacks painted by Teresa; call her and discuss your passions, and send her the article of clothing  for your original wearable Teresa De Jesus Molinos.

Custom painting prices begin at $80 depending on the amount of detail desired by the client. The article of clothing to be painted must be worn and washed a minimum of three times in order for the paints to last.