A R T W O R K   B Y   M A R L A  M E R A N T E
oil on canvas                                                "Alpha"                                                   "24" x "96"
Marla Merante, a graduate of Oberlin College and native of Connecticut, has been living in the Adirondack Mountains for over 20 years. This is where she settled, and eventually met her husband Alan Benway, after working in Danbury, CT as a sculptor for Medallic Art Company. Her interests in geology, and her love of the land brought her to the  Adirondacks, and to her earlier studies abroad in both Costa Rica and Iceland. It is this love for the land and the animals who live there, that inspire her creations in a variety of mediums. We are currently archiving her artwork exclusively for this website............ enjoy the experience.

Marla's shadowy blue series of paintings conjure visions of the mystery of animals' nocturnal lives. "While horses sleep on the average of not much more than four hours a day, I often wonder what they are doing in our darkest hours of sleep. As we start each day with our "morning chores" on the farm, my mind wanders, dreaming of what came to pass the night before..... My canvasses and paintings on wood in blue, are imagined glimpses into the secrets hidden to all but the animals under the dark veil of night.

While her whimsical pen and ink sketches capture playful movement;  her pencil drawings honor the animals she brings to life with remarkable detail on paper.

We are in the process of documenting Marla's artwork for the construction of this page. In addition to her work, we are constructing pages for equine artists close to Marla's heart, who share her passions and philosophies for the land and the animals that travel it's vast and often magical scapes...... Visit the next page and enjoy their shared visions.
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Equine Portraiture  -  Fine art on paper:
In an era where our most cherished images are contained in our smart phones........enjoy the beauty of your equine partner hand drawn on acid free paper in your home, office, or tack room.
Contact Marla to commission a one of a kind original to honor your favorite horse; or to create a cherished gift for your equestrian friend or loved one.

11 x 14 Custom Equine Portrait pricing begins at $800 USD.
(Custom hand drawn decorative boarder work may be added by request at an additional cost.)
I require a high resolution quality photo (on occasion additional supplemental photos may be required) sent via email to begin a commission.
Shipping fees are not included.
50% deposit is required to begin a
518  637 - 5246
acrylic on canvass                   "Brahman"                                24" x 60"
ink on paper                        "Summer Border Play"
oil and pastel on canvas              "Sonadoro"                     24" x 48"

We are in the process of adding Marla's "sketches on paper" to the site. "My drawings of horses, farm animals, and Adirondack mammals are often whimsical - the process of playing with pen and ink on paper is a brief break from some of the hardships that come with a farm... or a way to forget about the long winters here in the north country. The animals' gestures take you into a world where the animals are telling the story; I like that world."
POLLED HEREFORD BULL                            Pencil on paper
BELGIAN WARMBLOOD FILLY                               Pencil on paper
IBERIAN SPORTHORSE MARE       Lusitano x Amer Bashkir       Pencil on paper
*Marla also creates custom portraits
of dogs and cattle........
oil and pastel on canvas                                  "Cow Green"                                                        36" x  94"
E Q U I N E   
*Please note prices do not include shipping or sales tax when applicable.
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"MUSE"       Border Collie in progress        Pencil on paper