" I have boarded my horses at Running Horse Farm for many years.  I have a pasture and lots of riding
trails at my home, but I love Marla, Alan and Running Horse Farm so much that I refuse to bring my horses to
my home.  I have complete confidence that my horses are getting the best care available, and I know without a
doubt that Marla and Alan care for them better than I ever could.  The knowledge they share about
everything equine is amazing, and the cost of boarding at Running Horse Farm is very affordable. 
I have also been a riding student of Marla's and when I think about how much she has
taught me and how much confidence I have gained under her guidance, I am overwhelmed
with gratitude.  Even when we are simply riding and not involved in a lesson, Marla shares
her knowledge and advice freely.
I also love the trail system they have on the farm and it is so nice to have a choice of
riding location (indoor arena, outdoor arenas, & trails).  The trail system meanders down the side of a beautiful
stream, and my QH surprises other riders when he puts his nose in the water up to his
eyes and blows bubbles!  Then the trail goes deeper into the woods for a scenic journey. 
Running Horse Farm is the absolute best place to board, train, ride or just relax ....
it is my sanctuary and my salvation as well as that of my horses."
Scotty - New York


"What an experience!  It was disarmingly meditative...for Scarlett, it was energizing and soothing all at the same time. 
We were so present. Happy to choose peaceful kindness as a way forward not only with Scarlett but also with my life. 
So easy to work on at RHF.
Deepest gratitude for sharing your dream with us."
Nancy  - New York


"I actively looked for a horse for over a year. In the end, I am so thankful that it took me that long, because my searching allowed me to pinpoint the qualities I was looking for in an equine partner. What became evident to me was my priority first and foremost was temperament, followed closely by conformation. I wanted a horse that was intelligent and willing to learn. I wanted a healthy, balanced horse that could be trained in dressage and be sane enough to trail ride. I was not looking for a specific breed, but for a breeder with a philosophy and training technique I could relate to and respect. The first time I visited Marla and Alan at RHF, Tatanka and his brother, Apollo, quickly walked over to greet me. I spent a long weekend there taking dressage lessons from Marla, going for trail rides and getting to know Marla and her horses. I was (and still am), so impressed by her intelligence, thoughtfulness and integrity. Tatanka is an amazing creature. He is loving, friendly, observant and willing. He is kind, smart and curious. He has handled the big recent changes in his life so well, all the while maintaining his willing attitude. His conformation is beautiful. His feet, to die for. Thanks to Marla, his knowledge of dressage is greater than mine, so we are working with a wonderful dressage trainer here in Massachusetts to continue his schooling, as I am not enough of a rider to train him myself. This horse has become a best friend to me, and a part of my family. I am eternally grateful to Marla and Alan for the opportunity to share my life with Tatanka."
Allison - Massachusetts


"I looked far and wide before buying Apollo and most of the warmbloods in the market were three times the price of this horse and they did not have the grace and movement that he has. Apollo is a once in a lifetime horse, it may sound cliché but only because it is true.  He has a sensible mind and for a youngster he has patience that lasts forever and a day. Marla did such a wonderful job in the way she got him started, nice and slow. I think that the way she trained him has a lot to do with the fact that this horse is so sensible and open and willing. He will do anything for you. If he does not understand what you are asking for he will try anything he knows in order to please his rider.  He has an amazing personality to top it all off. He is a barn favorite, he is kind, gentle, loves attention, kisses in the nose, hugs, rubs, grooming. You name it this horse loves it all. He walked right into his stall the first day and made it his home. He had never been in an indoor ring, let alone one with mirrors. He walked into the indoor ring the second day after his arrival in this new environment and he looked at himself in the mirror without having any major reaction to seeing his own reflection for the very first time. He has immense talent and grace. The way this horse moves is so gentle and soft and supple you would think he has been through more levels in dressage than he actually has. I am enjoying every minute of our training together. We go on great trail rides where we encounter all kinds of intimidating landscapes and animals and Apollo takes it all in stride.  This horse is a true testament to the love and care that he had from the very beginning of his life, thanks to Marla and her undying passion for these animals and thanks to her love of the Bashkir breed. This horse
turns heads everywhere he goes and not just because of his looks which are quite stunning
but because he is the whole package. I am truly blessed and grateful for the fact that Marla
trusted me enough to choose me to be Apollo's owner."
Rosa - New York


"I'm very glad to have bought my two horses Tahi and Marco from Marla; because I'm allergic to horses
who are not curlies, and I haven't had a lot of formal instruction. Their horses are very well trained
and educated, healthy and well balanced in their heads!  I have more confidence, and I can ride them
despite being a novice/ intermediate rider. If I had to recommend a breeder: its
Running Horse Farm !!! Thank you very much Marla for your professionalism and your kindness!
Your horses are proof of it!"
Monika - Quebec, CA


"Marla is one of the best riding instructors and trainers that I have come across.  She is the hidden riding jewel of the Adirondacks!  Her horses are beautifully trained in all aspects - ground behavior and trail riding as well as dressage movements.  My goal is to save enough to buy (I have been enjoying my On Farm Lease with one of her horses for several years now) one of her horses
because I can't imagine buying a horse from anyone else! Marla is also a superb
instructor who can explain how to work with your horse in clear and under-
standable ways. She is patient and empowering - she has given me back the joy
of riding and helped me overcome my fears. Marla is a true horse (and people)
Alison - New York


"For many years I've admired Running Horse Farm Curlies. I marvel at the fact that I sit here now, owning one of them! Bear is a dream come true for our family. He is not only extremely handsome, full of curls with great bone and incredible hooves, but the sweetest, kindest most gentle horse I've ever known. With his temperament, we can do just about anything with him and he accepts it easily, willingly and with such calm. He has done parades, camp outs, day long rides, swimming etc with hardly an introduction. I have been blown away. He is the kind of
horse that immediately makes you feel confident and taken care of. Purchasing a horse
from Marla & Alan was equally an amazing experience! They love their horses, know
them extremely well and have the wisdom to fit their horses with the right family. I
am tickled pink to own a Running Horse Farm Curly!!
Thank you Marla and Alan!!"
Denise - Michigan


"Thank you so much Marla and Alan for helping and teaching my young gelding to work through his issues that come with not being handled properly as a baby. He is now very responsive, and trusting and he is continuing to learn and is becoming a very loving and wonderful mount. We have been out on the trails and with more miles under the saddle, Diesel and I will become as one as we go forth in our riding adventures. Marla is a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer and I would recommend her to anyone needing or wanting to further their training with their equine partner. Thanks again Marla and of course, your very important partner, Alan."
Sarah - New York

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